Grades 1 - 5 Admissions

updated January 2017

Brooklyn New School is in year two of a new admissions policy designed to help foster diversity within the school. We will prioritize students eligible for Free or Reduced Price Lunch. You can indicate on your application if your child qualifies for Free or Reduced Price Lunch.

Children in grades 1 - 5 are admitted by BNS lottery. There is no entrance test and no pre-admission interview. Parents are asked to fill out a simple application available in January 2017.  There are open house dates scheduled for fall and winter. Parents are urged to attend an open house before they apply. BNS is not a zoned school; children who live in Brooklyn are eligible to apply. We prioritize children from D13,14,15 and 16.

BNS will fill seats in grades 1 - 5 as they become available. We anticipate openings at the end of the school year, over the summer and in the fall. We admit new students till November. There is a separate lottery and wait list for each grade.

Check the DOE website for information about citywide elementary school enrollment. BNS follows the DOE enrollment calendar.

If you applied for 2016, please fill out a new application for September 2017. Paperwork does not carry over from year to year. 


If your child has an IEP or if your child might have an IEP for September 2017: 

  • Come to an Open House. All open houses include a tour of special education classes.
  • Speak with us about your child's needs when you visit. For more information about our special education program, click here.
  • Children with IEPs are entered into the lottery.


The Brooklyn New School hosts several Open House dates each year, so that prospective families can visit the school and learn about our approach and our community first-hand.

Each Open House includes a tour and begins the the Auditorium.  An Open House lasts approximately one and a half hours. Families do not need to register for an Open House.

Every Open House is appropriate for families applying to pre-K to 5th grade.


Open House dates for 2016-2017: