Pre-K - Grade 5

  3rd grade sculptor

Classroom life at BNS centers on exploration and challenge. Science, social studies and the arts are almost interchangeable in our rooms, and academic skills are developed in the context of thematic curriculum.  These themes reflect state and city curriculum guidelines for the teaching of social studies and science.  Over the years teachers have worked together to create a list of topics that create a sequence. They also give children exposure to many disciplines and methods of inquiry.

Typical Curriculum Themes

Pre-K - The self, the family, babies. How things change.

Kindergarten - The five senses and the four seasons. Mirrors.  'Beautiful Things'. Pigeons.  Take a look at some Kindergarten photos here.

First Grade - Habitats and ecosystems, the life cycles of plants and animals, the physics of toys, school and community workers.  Go to the 1st Grade site here.

Second Grade - New York City!  We study the natural and built environment of our city and islands in general. We explore water and land forms.  We study architecture and engineering - especially the building of bridges and skyscrapers and the systems that bring clean water to a city community.

Third Grade - China, Africa. Animals, light and shadows, the earth, moon and sun. Go to Diane and Malika's website here.  Go to Andrew's website here.

Fourth Grade - New York State during Colonial Times, Native Americans, woodland ecosystems, electricity and landforms.

Fifth Grade - Mayan Culture and the Holocaust.  Visit the fifth grade page here