Weekly Letter 1.18.17

Dear Families:

Every Wednesday afternoon, our fifth grade children split up into groups and go off to participate in clubs.  For forty five minutes, they have the opportunity to do something they love with the range of activities being many.  

We have students in the art room with Paola, children doing crafting activities with Monique, while others are making origami with Rachael.  There is a group who play board games with Antoinette alongside those who build with Legos and K’nex with Nancy.  There’s a handful of kids cooking with Dalisa.  A few are learning sign language with Diane.  Brandon works on fitness with some, Rachel teaches yoga, while Kavan oversees the Mighty Milers Club.  Taura teaches jewelry making and Carrie teaches sewing.  And then there is the gang in the Makers Club, students who are learning how to do 3D printing with Ed.  Johanna’s green club works to help all of us take care of our school and dare I say, the planet, while my government club thinks together about ways to make change, both at the local level (BNS) and in the world beyond.  

Our clubs have been in session since November, which of course has resulted in this year’s government club focusing on the presidential election.  With that in mind, these nine children have planned a town meeting for grades three to five scheduled for this Friday.  The event is totally theirs and will be an expression of their response to the change in leadership.  A combination of poetry, skits, song and speech will be shared.  The program is short and reflects not only their heartfelt thoughts, but as well, their ability to think, to organize, to follow through on a plan as well as their confidence when presenting in front of an audience.  It’s worth a viewing.  10:25am Friday in the Auditorium.  

On Monday, January 23, all of the students and staff at 610 Henry will encircle our building for a brief moment, at 12:00, just after our lunch and recess period wraps up.  Together, we will pass around several balls of yarn, creating a chain around our safe space.  At 610 Henry, everyone is welcome, everyone is respected and everyone is taken care of.  To culminate, each class, from Pre-K to 12th grade, will cut a section of yarn matching the length of their class in our circle.  Older children will get their own piece of yarn to tie to their backpacks.  Our youngest grades will have a piece of yarn for their classroom to display, showing that we are all connected.


All for now,