Weekly Letter 1.23.17

Dear Families:


For some it was a busy weekend indeed.  And certainly, here at school has also been hectic.  We went from a town hall meeting on Friday in which our fifth grade government club shared their thinking about the change in presidential leadership to another stint in the auditorium this afternoon.  The purpose of this gathering was to give our fifth graders the chance to remember and celebrate our beloved Ayden Mendoza.  


Ayden passed away on the night of January 22, 2016 after suffering a severe asthma attack.  Ayden’s family has been a part of the BNS community since his big sister, Ashley went here, Ashley, who is now a sophomore in college.  Ayden’s larger than life personality ensured that in his short life, he was known by all.  

Today we remembered him by singing songs from last year’s fourth grade musical, reading some heartfelt messages from his peers and doing his favorite dance: the Whip.  


We were honored to share this moment with Ayden’s family and to hear Ayden’s mom, Vanessa, remind us of the power of love.  Between Vanessa’s message and José’s encouragement  to always be kind, we were able to hold onto all that we loved about Ayden.   Most of all we remembered his smile.  


On January 22, 2016 we lost Ayden.  Through this loss, we gained each other. Reminiscing about Ayden was the perfect anecdote to worrying about the state of the world.


All for now,





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