Weekly Letter 1.30.17

Dear Families:


Last Monday Amy Binin asked her pre-k class what their teddy bears had done at school while the children were home during the weekend.  Bruce shared, "My bear got out and joined the chickens.  It went into the chicken house.  He went and closed the door for the chickens so they wouldn't get cold."


Here's what other bears were up to that weekend:


Some were sneaking into backpacks.  Another had hopped out of its shoe pocket, found its owner's drawing and scribbled all over it.   That teddy bear then had to go to time out.  

Another bear lied about taking something from a backpack so that bear also had time out.

(Mind you, Amy has never had anyone sit away from the group for time out or even to take a breather.)


Yet another bear hopped into her owner's coat pocket and stayed with her at her home without the owner ever knowing that she was there!


At the end of the day, Amy asked, "So what have you learned about your bear today?"


She then learned that a terrible stomach virus was going around with the bears.  One bear threw up inside the Magnatile castle that her owner had made for her.  Another threw up on the napkin that was holding her owner's snack.


The class decided that on Tuesday they would give the bears medicine and that the bears would have to stay in bed or on a couch and watch movies all day.


Hope this gave you smiles and a little insight into why we have the teddy bear curriculum.

All for now,



Quote of the Week:  

Last Wednesday morning, I ran into a group of BNS alumni who were arriving to BCS well before their classes started.  I asked, “What are you doing here so early?”  They responded in unison, “Meditation Club.”

Congratulations to BNS graduates and NY Times Scholarship Semifinalists, Jovani Hernandez and Storm Lewis!  


Jovani is a senior at BCS (he has been in this building since pre-K).  Storm is a senior at Edward R. Murrow High School.

Here is the announcement: