Weekly Letter 2.15.17

Dear Families:


It is progress report season.  Some of you have already received a report while others will get one in the next few days.  Make no mistake about it, these are precious documents.  Many an hour went into their production and they reflect the teachers’ knowledge of your children, their observations and their educational assessment of academic progress. The reports vary in length from a page to many pages.  In fact, some will need to be read in more than one sitting.  


Appreciate these documents and save them.  If you haven’t already, create a file of your child’s reports.  You will find yourself looking at them often and may even need them for middle school admissions and to share with others including family.  


These reports are chock full of information because the teachers have spent more than five months with your child.  We are also at the time of year when academic growth is visible and children are often making steady improvement as they become comfortable with the grade level expectations.  


The evidence of work is in the reports and in the museums as well as the performance based assessments that we are about to embark on.


Not too long after receiving these reports, you will be meeting with your child’s teacher.  At that time, come to the conference prepared to ask questions and share your wonderings.  


In the meantime, take a moment next week to appreciate your child.  Enjoy that so special time with your family.  

All for now,




Two kindergarten quotes:


On Monday, January 30, Anna had to go to a conference.  This meant that she was not here to open up the door for arrivals.  So Diane opened the door instead.  As Mary Ann’s kindergarten class entered the building, Iggy Brownstein looked up at Diane and said, “I know what you are up to.  You are trying to take over Anna’s job.”  


Ajaya McClure, a kindergarten child in Kori’s class said, “I’m tired.” Conor Landauer misheard her and responded, “You’re not taller than me.  Your hair doesn’t count.  It’s just dead cells.”