Weekly Letter 2.6.17

Dear Families:


The other day I was making my way to the art room to ask Paola if I could borrow some colored pencils to use with some of my fourth grade buddies, a group of girls with whom I get to draw once a week.  (Right now we have been studying the chickens.)  


En route, I got distracted.  I could hear fourth grade singing emanating from the auditorium and then there was this:


Fourth graders making lacrosse sticks (and a lot more).

I kept walking, trying not to trip over the third graders who were making African stools, having just read The Legend of the Golden Stool:



I walked by the Green Studio and heard lots of voices.  Looking inside, I found second graders at work:



I finally got  to the art room.  It was hard to ask for the pencils as the fifth graders were kind of busy:




But I did interrupt, making it back to my office just in time to do chicken art with the girls:



All for now,




Quotes of the Week:


In Green Studio:


Skai Idlett, a fourth grader in Nneka’s class, was feeling powerful and strong right after cutting wood with a hand saw for the cradle board that she was making.  She announced with pride, “That’s right, I have my father’s hands.”

In Green Recess in the Big Yard:


Glory Radway, a child in Jennifer G’s pre-k class was playing pretend and in her play, it was right before dinner in the middle of the forest (the big yard).  She got up and called for a toast, "Let's make a toast, a toast to all of our past ancestors."



The Fourth Grade Musical is this Thursday, 2/9 at 6:00.

The Fourth Grade Eastern Woodlands Museum is on the afternoon of 2/13 and the morning of 2/14.  

The Fifth Grade Maya Museum is on the afternoon of 2/15 and the morning of 2/16.





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