Weekly Letter 3.6.17

Dear Families:


In Steve and Katherine's class, students learn every year about "the domino rule" in stories - something happens, and that makes something else happen. After a while, kids start noticing how this happens in real life too, and comment, "It's the domino rule!" We are thrilled to report to you the following story that follows the domino rule.


The 3rd grade team wanted to figure out how to make goldweights as a project for their museum. Katherine went to talk to second grade teacher, Greta, about the kind of wax that she used in her landform models. Greta gave Katherine wax, and told her to talk to Key (a second grade paraprofessional) about lost wax casting.  Key showed the teachers how to work with wax, and also told Katherine that she should contact the Brooklyn Children's Museum, which had many goldweights in its collection - Key knew because she used to work there. Katherine contacted Hana Elwell in the Education Department, who talked to Kate Calleri in the Collections department. They offered to customize a kit of goldweights and bring it to the school to present to the students. Their visit was very exciting and motivating to students, and the teachers invited them to come back for the West Africa Museum. They came and were so impressed with what they saw that they made a proposal:


Next year, at the conclusion of the West :Africa Museum, they would like to take the students' projects and put them on display at the Brooklyn Children's Museum next to examples of the real artifacts that they would pull from their collection!


Our students' work will be on exhibit for all to see.


Is the story over? Of course not! We can't wait to see what dominoes will follow...


All for now,



Quote of the Week:

As Steve was skating around the ice with Eva Fischer, a third grade student in Doug and Malika’s class, Steve said, "Isn't this amazing? We are in school, but school today is being outside on this beautiful day, ice skating."

Eva agreed, "Yes, and that's because we go to Brooklyn New School and Brooklyn New School is the best school in the world."