Weekly Letter 5.22.17

Dear Families:


It was over a month ago when we started our day with some fifth graders reading excerpts from Martin Luther King’s famous speech, Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence, delivered at Riverside Church fifty years ago.   It was just a few minutes in another busy day, but its impact was felt.  As the children read these famous lines, their younger peers listened.  


Third grade teacher, Doug, told me, “The kids were rapt during the fifth graders reading. There was truly a moment created at 610 Henry that did powerful justice to this special anniversary. And it obviously felt so pertinent to today's need for an awake and outspoken citizenry.”  After listening, Doug and Malika’s class discussed the context that led to Martin Luther King’s decision to speak out. They were able to understand that the circumstances demanded that he inveigh against policy.  They talked about the concept of democracy and how our country depends on a citizenry, able and willing to speak up instead of simply falling in line or not paying attention to government actions.


It was just one morning in April, but its impact was at the heart of the work that we do.

All for now,




Quote of the Week:

On Thursday, Katherine Sorel  ran into  José’s After School theatre class as they were returning from  performing at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Older Americans Day. She told her students, third graders, Tamara Williams and Moxie Radway,  to come upstairs and pack quickly since the class was already in art. Moxie replied,"I live for art. If I missed art I would be devastated."


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Fifth graders reading excerpts from Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence