Weekly Letter 5.3.17

Dear Families:


Spring is in the air.  You can feel it on Rapelye Street as the warm wind blows.  You can feel it in the schoolyard as children play in the mud during green recess.  You can feel it at lunch time as hundreds of children complete their mighty milers trek around the school perimeter.  And you can feel it in the classroom where students and teachers are immersed in work.  Their investigations are rich, their trips are frequent, each of them in their own way (children and adults) is becoming an expert in their field of study.  

In the next few weeks, time will fly, primarily because there is so much going on here at 610 Henry Street.  Keep your eyes and ears open so you can be a co-learner along with your child.  Volunteer to go on a trip or help in the classroom.  Support your child by keeping up with teacher notifications and homework expectations.  And keep paying attention to these weekly letters as well as the website calendar so you know what is going on.  


Know that May and June are sometimes emotionally tricky times, especially for fifth graders who are realizing that their time in elementary school is about to end.  But everybody is feeling some kind of something as the school year comes to a close.  For the last eight months, they have been a member of a caring community.  In addition to growing and learning, they have developed important relationships with their classmates and teachers.  Knowing that these particular connections are about to change can result in regressive and/or sad behavior.  


But for the most part, spring is a time of joy, learning and celebration.  Speaking of celebration, many thanks to all of the parents who helped to make Eat Drink Dance Shop such a big success.  The money raised will support the many programs that make BNS curriculum so exciting and engaging.  Thanks, too, to all who worked so tirelessly to make this happen.  

All for now,




May is Workshop Month (all free) and the month of many activities, including Learn To Bike Day.  Learn To Bike Day is on Saturday May 20 from 2-4 pm in the school yard at BNS.  This is a free learn to bike workshop run by Bike New York. All kids 5-13yo welcome!  Register here http://bit.ly/BNSride Please email if you can help: lyasui@gmail com.


Bring your bike and helmet to school. We'll help your child to balance, pedal, start, stop and steer a bicycle at this free group class facilitated by Bike New York. Parents will learn an easy, crash-free, low-stress technique that will have their kids riding independently in a short amount of time. Open to all children.


Please note: All participants must bring their own bikes and helmets. Only a limited number of bikes and helmets will be available for borrowing, but no guarantees!