Weekly Letter 5.9.16

Dear Families:

What a weekend!  Yesterday, I along with many of you, enjoyed Mother’s Day at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a day and place that always makes me feel good all over.

Saturday, I was equally satisfied while spending the afternoon at 610 Henry Street and delighting in how special this place is.  I wasn’t the only one working on a Saturday.  There was Shelley, our community coordinator, helping to ensure that all was ready for the mosaic workshop, while next door we could hear the hum of a saw as our paraprofessional, Charles, cut wooden blocks in preparation for second grade bridge work.

We had the first of five Parents As Arts Partners mosaic workshops in which children and their families made mosaics to be hung in the bathrooms, all with a water creature theme as per the suggestion of the fifth grade government club, who helped to organize this event.  It was such a pleasure to see parents working alongside their children on their creations.  Here’s a sneak preview of two works in progress, one by Jordan Cho-Wolfe, a third grader in  Aislinn and Crystal’s class, and the other by Ozkar Buchanan’s dad, Julian, (a second grader in Greta’s class).  


Make a point of signing up for the future sessions be emailing Amy or Shelley, amysumner@bns146.org or shelley@bns146.org.  You will be glad you did.

While artists were at work in the art room, out in the schoolyard, children were learning to bike. Over fifty families showed up and many a child was comfortably biking by the end of the session.

Here’s some evidence: 

That’s Amina Israel, a child in Valerie and Marisol’s kindergarten, enjoying the freedom of the road.  

Thanks to the parents who made this possible, as well with a special note of appreciation to fifth grader (Laurie and Amanda’s class), Isaiah Patel’s mom, Su, who has overseen Learn to Bike for the last few years.  

As I wandered from the art room to the small yard, I walked by the gym where the BCS middle school basketball team was playing a competitive game.  I felt a moment of pride yet again, seeing many of my former students in their purple uniforms.  

It was a good weekend all around.

All for now,


Notes from our Library:

Grades 1-5 Families,


Great news! The Brooklyn Public Library book mobile will visit us again this year at 610 Henry!  Your child will be able to check out a library book during their class visit.  Please make sure your child has her/his public library card at the ready before the week of June 13th.  

As many of you know, our library team meets with Kindergarten-Grade 5 each week.  In addition to how to use our library, our curriculum consists of many themes which vary for each grade.  

Grade 4 begins their Digital Literacy Study where we discuss issues around appropriate online etiquette. We recognize and respect that families differ in how they approach the digital world with their child at home. We believe that it is important to begin conversations so that all children are prepared ahead of time.  Be on the lookout for family homework mentioned in Anna's Weekly Letters which we hope helps you initiate conversations with your child (HW#1 is below).  

Grade 5 Families,

Feel free to do the Digital Literacy HWs with your child as well!  Your child will be familiar with this curriculum from last year.

Family Gr 4/5 HW #1:

This week your child watched and discussed the video "Digital Etiquette" on BrainPop. Watch this video with your child here (user & pw:) and discuss.