Weekly Letter 6.12.2017

Dear Families:


Until twelve  years ago, BNS held its Earth Day Celebration on Saturdays. Back then, a teacher, Beth Vertucci pointed out that the event should be open to all students.  Thus the idea for our Earth Day Celebration was born.   The BNS Earth Day was renamed  Ecorama, a word coined by one of our kids.  Many thanks to Barbara and Johanna for inspiring all of us last Friday during the annual event.    Seeing how much our students know about caring for each other and planet earth gives hope for the future.  


On Wednesday,  Brandon Quinones, our PE and health teacher, and I joined with seventy-five other schools to honor programs, which make an effort to develop student health and wellness.   The Office of School Wellness awards a variety of schools to  celebrate their initiatives related to healthy bodies and healthy minds.  Whether we support healthy development through the work in our school garden, the Mighty Miler running program, our guidance support, or our early childhood teddy bear curriculum,  we work hard to help our youngsters grow up with the awareness of the need for self care and the care of others.  We are proud that BNS was a recipient of a Bronze award and have every intention to continuing this work with a focus on Platinum!  

A month earlier on May 8, Joseph Klein, our school social worker, and I went to another celebration, one in which schools were honored with a Respect for All award.  Of  course, these two awards go hand in hand.  We consider respect for others and for the self to be fundamental to the work that we do here at BNS.  We were delighted to receive these two important awards and have every intention of continuing this  focus on the social emotional and physical development of our students.  

By the way, if you didn’t sit in on a performance based assessment of fourth grade  writing of historical fiction, do email Diane at diane@bns146.org to sign up.  We still need you.


Your children  have been hard at work, finishing up their studies.  They are coming to the end of learning about the forest, the shore, the garden, bridges, Africa, New Amsterdam and the Holocaust.  Join us Friday morning when we celebrate this work.  You will have the chance to visit your child’s classroom and then see what is happening elsewhere.


All of this work : Ecorama, School  Wellness, Respect for All, Performance Based Assessment, the Forest, the Shore, the Garden, Bridges, Africa, New Amsterdam, and the Holocaust  curriculum happens because of hard work and dedication.  Ours is a collaboration of many and is made possible when parents, teachers, paras and others come together.


It is the time of year when we receive next year's budget and question its adequacy.  As we get ready for summer, we are planning for the next school year.  As always,  we have many ideas and many wishes about ways to make BNS the best that it can be.   When the PTA sends an appeal for a contribution, know that that donation really does make a difference, making all that we value possible.




All for now,






Quotes of the Week:


Overheard on Friday, June 9 2017, Ecorama Day:


“Today is my favorite school day of the year.”   Adam Ben-Ali, Eva and Kaelyn’s fourth grade


“I love Ecorama, it’s one of my favorite days of school.” Denbele Tucker, Doug and Malika’s third grade


“Me too.”  Mia Weingarten, Antoinette and Nancy’s fifth grade