Weekly Letter 6.5.17


 Dear Families:


Starting in Kindergarten, all students visit our BNS/BCS Library on a weekly basis.  In addition to browsing and borrowing books, each grade is engaged in curriculum involving developmentally appropriate Social Emotional and/or Social Justice based themes.  


This year, Grade 4 has been reading about Social Activists, past and current, from all over our world.  A question they frequently revisit is, "How are you making our world a better place?"  To spark our fourth graders' activism, three BNS alumni were invited to be on our Youth Activist Panel.


Elsa Hardy, a graduate of Wesleyan University, talked about her work educating people who are incarcerated.  Toby Panonne, an eighth grader at MS 51, spoke about helping to raise funds for research for kids with cancer.  Xavi Liebling, a sixth grade student right here at BCS, shared about his work at school with their GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance, a student-run club, which provides support and safety).


As a result of our panel, a long list of fourth graders are now requesting to start a GSA at BNS!  


We look forward to fostering more activism with our present students while feeling immensely proud of our former students who consistently make our world a better place.


All for now,