Weekly Letter 6.6.16

Dear Families:


As we enter the month of June, ready for a whirlwind of culminating activities, we take a moment to thank the many parents who made Saturday night’s Eat Drink Dance Shop, a rousing success.  Special kudos to AnnMarie Matava, our PTA president.  


It’s non-stop from now to June 28th. Make a point of knowing all that is going on.  It begins with the fifth grade barbecue tomorrow and ends with a half day and the munching of watermelon on June 28th. It’s interrupted by Brooklyn Queens Day (June 9) a clerical day (June 14) and a day of reflection for the staff  (June 27th).  It includes Ecorama on June 10 and Field Day on June 15.  Remember, too, that June 17th is a half day, one in which we will share lots of student work.  Make a point of coming to school that day to join in the celebrations and then make a plan for the afternoon.  Note too,  the evening of June 24 when we will once again say good bye to our oldest students with an unlike any other graduation ceremony.  


Through it all, you and we will document, pulling out our iPhones and cameras to capture these celebratory moments.  I close this letter with a piece first heard on NPR: Overexposed? Camera Phones Could Be Washing Out Our Memories.


Keep it in mind while you treasure your wonderful children.  As we share their accomplishments with all of you, we know the pride and amazement that you will feel.  

All for now,