Weekly Letter 9.29.16

Dear Families:


BNS along with the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, Blue School, Maple Street School and the Co-op School is excited to come together to host Chris Crass tonight at 6:30 here in the school auditorium.  I, myself, had not heard of Chris Crass earlier, but ever since his talk has been announced, many people have told me what a powerful speaker he is.  In fact, we recently learned that Chris Crass is an old friend of one of our parents who, “spent some time in a jail cell with him after a protest in San Francisco 20 years ago.”  


As we anticipate tonight, we are struck by the interest in Chris Crass’ words, words we will hear during a week in which many got home by 9 to watch an unusual presidential debate, all the while worrying about the racial conflict and turmoil that is a part of American society.  

Chris Crass talks with school communities throughout the United States and he is a leading anti-racist advocate.  His talk will set the foundation for our work this school year, work that the Staff Race and Equity Committee and the Parent Anti-Racist Action Committee are focused on.  


All for now,





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