Fairway Community Partners Program

We are delighted to say that BNS is part of the Fairway Community Partner Program. By participating in the program, 3% of any purchases you make in the store will go to BNS. The card is accepted at all Fairway locations.

How it works
  1. Request a BNS branded card from your class parent. Each card comes with a piece for the wallet and a piece for a key ring which you can keep or give to another member of the household or even to another family member in a different household.
  2. As with any other "points" card, present the card to the teller before the sale is finalized. You will not be able to use your purchase to benefit BNS if you present it after payment.
  3. If ordering by phone, be sure to provide the number on the back of the card below the bar code to the person receiving the order.
  4. Check the receipt - it should have PS146 BNS printed on it.

That's it. We encourage all families, teachers and staff to pick up the card and begin shopping right away.

As a little 'welcome to Fairway Community Partners,' CLICK HERE to print out the $10 off voucher.