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Weekly Letter 1.23.17

Dear Families:


For some it was a busy weekend indeed.  And certainly, here at school has also been hectic.  We went from a town hall meeting on Friday in which our fifth grade government club shared their thinking about the change in presidential leadership to another stint in the auditorium this afternoon.  The purpose of this gathering was to give our fifth graders the chance to remember and celebrate our beloved Ayden Mendoza.  


Weekly Letter 1.18.17

Dear Families:

Every Wednesday afternoon, our fifth grade children split up into groups and go off to participate in clubs.  For forty five minutes, they have the opportunity to do something they love with the range of activities being many.  

We have students in the art room with Paola, children doing crafting activities with Monique, while others are making origami with Rachael.  There is a group who play board games with Antoinette alongside those who build with Legos and K’nex with Nancy.  There’s a handful of kids cooking with Dalisa.  A few are learning sign language with Diane.  Brandon works on fitness with some, Rachel teaches yoga, while Kavan oversees the Mighty Milers Club.  Taura teaches jewelry making and Carrie teaches sewing.  And then there is the gang in the Makers Club, students who are learning how to do 3D printing with Ed.  Johanna’s green club works to help all of us take care of our school and dare I say, the planet, while my government club thinks together about ways to make change, both at the local level (BNS) and in the world beyond.  

Weekly letter 1.10.17

Dear Families:

When not working at BNS, I try to find the time to read. In addition to the New York Times and the New Yorker, I get great pleasure out of chapter books.  Recent reading includes The Sellout by Paul Beatty, Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mubue, and The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.

Weekly Letter 1.4.17

Dear Families:


On December 17, 2016, there was a thought provoking opinion piece about school busses by Alina Simone in the New York Times Sunday Review, ‘I Wish I Had a Pair of Scissors, So I Could Cut Out Your Tongue’.


Weekly Letter 12.22.16

Dear Families:


We begin with thank yous.  Thank you to our phenomenal Jazz Dads,* who performed for us on Monday morning.  Thanks too to Jonathan and José for once again leading us in song this afternoon. When we come together to sing and listen to music, we all feel good!  Many thanks as well to Shalisha Jackson, our AfterSchool Director, for organizing the Missing Pages Musical Theater Program.  


Weekly Letter 12.12.16

Dear Families:


Last Wednesday evening,  parents of students in Laurie and Rachel’s fifth grade class as well as many BCS families had the joy of seeing their children on stage, singing their hearts out.  

Weekly Letter 12.6.16

Dear Families:

Weekly Letter 11.14.16

Dear Families:


When I was growing up, my mother used to tell me that all people were inherently good.  She explained that sometimes people made poor choices, but that each person had the potential to be good.  This, mind you, was the sentiment of someone married to my father, who in 1938 was separated from his parents when they sent their two oldest children to London to escape the turmoil in Vienna.  


Our families, teachers and children have been reacting to Wednesday morning’s news in many ways with classes discussing the results, children writing letters to President Elect Trump and to Hillary Clinton, and with lots of talk on the schoolyard and in the playground.  

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