The Brooklyn New School is committed to academic and personal success for all students. We believe that children are creators of meaning. They are naturally thoughtful and curious, and they work to gain understanding of the world they inhabit. When the adults who care for children foster this effort, children become life-long learners.
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Weekly Letter 10.7.16

Dear Families:


As we begin the month of October and feel our school days entering a rhythm, albeit one periodically disrupted by religious and national holidays, we begin to look at the pattern of our weeks and the way in which learning happens, here at BNS.


At the heart of every classroom, whether it be pre-k or grade five, is inquiry.  In September, the child’s question is, ‘What is school?’ ‘Where am I?’  and ‘How do I belong in this community in which I find myself?’  Now in October, we can begin to look beyond our place in the world and wonder about other things.  


Weekly Letter 9.29.16

Dear Families:


BNS along with the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, Blue School, Maple Street School and the Co-op School is excited to come together to host Chris Crass tonight at 6:30 here in the school auditorium.  I, myself, had not heard of Chris Crass earlier, but ever since his talk has been announced, many people have told me what a powerful speaker he is.  In fact, we recently learned that Chris Crass is an old friend of one of our parents who, “spent some time in a jail cell with him after a protest in San Francisco 20 years ago.”  


Weekly Letter 9.21.16

Dear Families:

 On Monday evening, kindergarten to fifth grade teachers open their door for Curriculum Night.  The pre-K teachers will do the same on the morning of September 29th. Teachers will present specific information on reading, writing, math, social studies and science.  They will discuss concrete topics such as homework and trips, while also offering their insights on how children learn and the importance of inquiry in elementary school.  We strongly encourage you to attend as parent involvement is  key to a child’s success in school.  


Weekly Letter 6.13.16

Dear Families:


Today we finish up the performance based assessment work with our fourth graders.  Thanks to the many parents who joined us and to the staff and children for their hard work.  


We move on to Field Day on the 15th with the hope that you will join us in the park.  Many thanks to our amazing physical education duo, Tanya and Brandon, for their coordination and inspiration.  


We end the week on the 17th with the Annual June Share.  Come and see your child’s work and don’t hesitate to walk around the school to capture the spirit that is BNS!

Weekly Letter 6.6.16

Dear Families:


As we enter the month of June, ready for a whirlwind of culminating activities, we take a moment to thank the many parents who made Saturday night’s Eat Drink Dance Shop, a rousing success.  Special kudos to AnnMarie Matava, our PTA president.  


Presenting: The EDDS 2016 Parent Video




Event Highlights Include: DJ / Live Latin Jazz Band / Open Bar & Delicious Foods Silent Auction / Online Auction Hot Items Include: Vacation Houses, Sports Tickets, Kids Classes Tickets for Sale & Silent Auction:

Weekly Letter 5.9.16

Dear Families:

What a weekend!  Yesterday, I along with many of you, enjoyed Mother’s Day at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a day and place that always makes me feel good all over.

Saturday, I was equally satisfied while spending the afternoon at 610 Henry Street and delighting in how special this place is.  I wasn’t the only one working on a Saturday.  There was Shelley, our community coordinator, helping to ensure that all was ready for the mosaic workshop, while next door we could hear the hum of a saw as our paraprofessional, Charles, cut wooden blocks in preparation for second grade bridge work.

Weekly Letter 5.4.16

Dear Families:

We present two stories from the week before vacation, which speak to the complexities of life and how that affects our carefully planned curriculum:

On Monday, April 18th, Sarah’s kindergarten class came to school to find that the catfish and one of their crabs were dead.  In a subsequent discussion the children hypothesized about the cause of death and about what to do with the deceased animals.  Kalliope Muerx said, "We could burn them in a small fire and then keep their ashes in a special place in the room, like I did when my dog died."  Leo Foley suggested, “We could draw a picture of them and take it home so we have a memory."  Hayden Letts said,  "We could dig a hole, put them in, then dig them up when we want them back." The clincher was Leon Saint’s comment, " Maybe we should take them to the garden, bury them in the ground, cover them up.  Then we could put toy people near the grave holding small umbrellas.”  When Sarah asked why, Leon explained,  "Just like when real people die and go to the cemetery. "

From early childhood to the upper grades:

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