The Brooklyn New School is committed to academic and personal success for all students. We believe that children are creators of meaning. They are naturally thoughtful and curious, and they work to gain understanding of the world they inhabit. When the adults who care for children foster this effort, children become life-long learners.

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Weekly Letter 12.15.14


Dear  Families:


Third to fifth grade students who opted to take recess in the ballfield or the playground had a special treat on Friday.  Half way through the period, they left the play space to gather on Rapelye Street where they joined many others to shout and scream, “BCS!”.  They were doing this in honor of the eighty-five seniors who were marching down the block.  Seniors were celebrating their applications to college.  There was even a postal worker there to receive the students’ sealed envelopes.


Weekly Letter 12.10.14


Dear  Families:


Yesterday, our staff had the pleasure of working together with Alan Shapiro,  the grandfather of Ben (Stefania’s second grade) and Amina (Amy Binin’s pre-k) .  Alan is the program director of the The Community Therapeutic Day School, a school in Lexington, Massachusetts, which provides an educational and therapeutic environment for children with neurologic and emotional disabilities.  Last year, two of our kindergarten teachers, Marisol and Mary Ann, visited his school so that they could learn how the school helps children reach their potential.  


Weekly Letter 12.1.14

On Saturday, November 22, I found myself in Richmond, Virginia having the pleasure of viewing a new musical called Remnants.  Remnants, written (along with others) by our own José Joaquín Garcia, was being performed by students at the University of Virginia.

Weekly Letter 11.26.14

Dear  Families:


While at BNS, Zach Braziller spent every writing period writing ‘shaggy dog’ tales about various sports.  He loved to write up a baseball game, complete with an imaginary  description of each inning.  His parents worried.  “All he writes about is sports,” they said.  Today Zach Braziller is a sports writer for the New York Post.  Need we say more.


Weekly Letter 11.19.14

Dear  Families: 

As I was biking to work the other day, making my way up the hill in Prospect Park, I overheard two runners.  One said to the other, “Ten years ago there was one good school and then there were two good schools and now there are three.”  I listened further, only to find out that he was talking about the middle schools in District 15.  And the three schools were indeed the same three schools that many parents talk about when they apply to middle school.  I found myself wondering what this runner thought a good school was.  Perhaps, he meant that the school had good test scores, perhaps he meant that the students in the school looked and felt like his child, perhaps it was something else.  It is hard to know, but considering that the three schools have very different programs, it is unlikely that he was focusing on the approach to teaching and learning in each of these institutions.  


Department of Health Information

Please click here to view current Department of Health information on immunizations.

Weekly Letter 11.5.14


Dear Families:


For educators (and perhaps also for kids) the school year begins in September with a bang and then flies around the calendar as we flit from activity to activity, experience to experience, expectation to expectation, and growth to growth.  As November rolls into our conscience, we don our coats and shake our heads (and bodies) at the sudden change of the season.  And we marvel at all that is happening and all that our children are learning.  


Weekly Letter 10.30.14


Dear Families:


November is the month in which we begin the process of sharing what we know about your children with you.  Fall parent teacher conferences are an opportunity for teachers to convey information about your child and the first few months of school. As well, the conferences present an opportunity for teachers, students and parents to spend time setting academic and social goals for the months ahead.  It is extremely important that every family participate in this process and that there is this open communication.  We offer many dates and times for these meetings as we know how difficult it can be for many families to schedule these conferences.   


Weekly Letter 10.23.14

Dear Families:

After hosting Public Education Nation on Saturday October 11, we continued to open our doors, this time being visited by Karin Alnervik, a pedagogista from  Sweden.   Karin is an Associate Professor of Preschool Didactics at Jönköping University in Sweden who also works as a pedagogic instructor in the HallonEtt Preschools in Jönköping. Last Wednesday evening, Karin spoke about pedagogical documentation to an audience of over one hundred educators and parents from all over New York City. Pedagogical documentation is a process of reflection through the documentation (video, photographs, etc.) of school life.  Karin’s presentation was followed by a day in which our pre-k and kindergarten teachers had the opportunity to share ideas about kid watching in relation to what we see when we watch, what we are looking for, and how these observations affect our practice.  

Weekly Letter 10.15.14


Dear Families:


On Saturday, we hosted Public Education Nation, an event which was live streamed and viewed all around the country.  It was an exciting afternoon featuring five panels with each panel addressing major and current educational issues.   


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