The Brooklyn New School is committed to academic and personal success for all students. We believe that children are creators of meaning. They are naturally thoughtful and curious, and they work to gain understanding of the world they inhabit. When the adults who care for children foster this effort, children become life-long learners.

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Weekly Letter 9.15.14

Dear Families:


On Thursday evening, kindergarten to fifth grade teachers open their door for Curriculum Night. The pre-k teachers will do the same on the morning of September 23. This year, we are dividing this event into two parts.  The first part will focus on the actual curriculum: what it is that teachers are teaching, including specific information on reading, writing, math, social studies, science, etc.  The second part will focus on assessment as a way of giving parents insight into how teachers know what they know about a child’s progress in the academic areas.  Part Two takes place on October 21, in the morning for pre-k, and the afternoon for kindergarten to grade five.  


Weekly Letter 9.10.11


Dear Families:


Tomorrow we sing songs of peace.  We have been doing this with grades one to five every September 11th for the past twelve years.  We do it for the kids, for the joy of hearing our voices together, hundreds of voices delighting in song.  But we do it as well for ourselves, the adults.  


We are the ones who remember September 11, 2001.  It was only the third day of school.  And it was a beautiful day.  We were in transition with our four year olds and five year olds, learning to separate from their parents and experiencing the big idea of big school.  Our six year olds were out in the schoolyard, playing.  And our seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven year olds were sitting in classrooms, adjusting to new teachers.  


Anna's Welcome Message

There are so many opportunities to help and become an active member of the BNS community. To donate today, go to www.BNS146/give

Weekly Letter 9.4.14

Dear Families:

Welcome to BNS! After an incredibly pleasant and delightful summer, BNS teachers are ready for another robust year.  Today school began and it was a pleasure to see our returning and new students.  As you and your children begin to adjust to the routines of school, make it a goal to stay involved and connected with the learning process.

It begins with waking children up early so they have enough time to eat breakfast, get dressed and prepare themselves for the day and it ends with a sensible bedtime after a family meal and time spent together.  It is these little things that help children to do well in school.  Focus on the little things and watch as your children blossom and grow.

For the next few weeks, your job is to check in.  You want to ask questions and stay engaged even as your youngster begins the process of separating from you and zeroing in on the class, the schoolmates, and this world away from home.

Think about your systems for routines and try to make them easy.  How does the backpack get packed?  Does your child eat home lunch or school lunch?  Do you choose the outfit in the morning or before bedtime?  And always, always, find the time to read to and with your child.

And we are experiencing new things every day.  This includes the new relationship between teachers and children, the special subjects such as art and gym, the way we walk around the building, the cafeteria and of course, our much changed yard space.

As we adjust to the construction in the school yard, please know that we are thinking about how to make arrival, recess and dismissal go smoothly and we will keep you informed as we determine the best way for these routines to continue.  Let’s watch the yards’ transformation as we anticipate a beautiful and fantastic play space.

Anna's summer letter


Dear Families:


Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 school year!  I write this letter as I sit in a building that is much too quiet with the small voices of young children sadly absent.  But not for long.  We look forward to seeing all of you on the morning of September 4, if not before.  


Weekly Letter 6.25.14

Dear Families:

Last Friday evening was a busy one. It began with the fifth grade graduation and ended with a party, celebrating Alyce Barr, the departing principal of Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies.  I share with you my words about Alyce:

I first met Alyce in 1988 when each of us started working at BNS: Alyce was the reading teacher while I was teaching third and fourth graders.   Back then we worked in the building that now houses the Red Hook Neighborhood School.  As I recall, Alyce’s room was a garret, reached after climbing some winding stairs.  She managed to make this secluded space cozy, a safe haven for our non-readers.  

We started talking and  I realized that I was in the presence of a great mind.  Alyce in essence became my teacher.  It wasn’t long before we were co-teaching on the same grade level.  We found ourselves collaborating on everything so instead of each of us having to invent and create unique ideas yearly, we shared our thoughts and devised incredible curriculum.

weekly letter 6.17.14

Dear Families:

We say goodbye to two more colleagues.

Eight years ago, Nancy Mariano emigrated to the United States from Colombia. She started working at BNS in September 2011. Since then, Nancy has worked with Kori in Kindergarten, Sarah in Grades 1 and 2, Stefania in Grade 2 and most recently, with Steve and Katherine in Grade 3.

While working as a paraprofessional, Nancy also went to City College to get a Masters

in Spanish. She is leaving BNS because she was accepted to the Ph.D. program of

weekly letter 6.11.14


Dear Families:

We celebrate two teachers.  

Fourth grade teacher, Dolores Montero, started working at BNS back in 1998.  Before then she was a student teacher in Antoinette’s class.  For Dolores, teaching was a second career.  Her prior job as a secretary at the Packer Collegiate School inspired Dolores to go into teaching.  Dolores began working at BNS as the Spanish teacher.  She was highly qualified for this position, given the fact that as a young woman, she had immigrated to the United States from Spain.  For most of her years at BNS, Dolores has been a fourth grade teacher.  She is now the senior teacher on this grade level, always leading the team with grace and intelligence.  Dolores has been instrumental in the curriculum planning of grade four and has helped to develop a rich and exciting study of Native Americans and New Amsterdam .  We are sorry to see her go, but Dolores is not really leaving.  After all, as Thomas’ grandmother, (Thomas is in Helen’s first grade class), she will be at BNS a lot.

weekly letter 6/4/14


Dear Families:


We are calling it the Buzz!  Why?  Because we want you to get all excited and we hope that you will join us for our Annual June Share. Every year in June we celebrate student work.  Last year different grades invited families to school on different days, but this year, (with the exception of Pre-k)  we will all be at BNS on the same evening: June 12.  


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